The Speed Contest Take That Never Happened

This is not family talk here, folks. This is for my peer group – actually, above my level – of court reporters, and if they are reading this, they probably already know why they’re here. Two-minute warmup. (360 words for 180/minute for two minutes). This is an original composition.   How about an unexpected topic? […]

Walked Away From My Big Two-Wheeler

Walked Away From My Big Two-Wheeler

I used to subscribe to Cycle magazine, back in my twenties to forties, and motorcycling was a notable part of my life. This was an editorial written by the late Phil Schilling, then-editor of the magazine. I still have it. I kept it because when I read it 30-plus years ago, it was jarringly and […]

American Verdict

The verdict was no surprise. In fact, it was completely predictable. I, as the prosecutor, had done my part. Before the trial, at the preliminary hearing, I had introduced evidence to establish probable cause. It wasn’t necessary to prove guilt at the preliminary hearing. Just evidence to show that the case should go to trial. […]

Dragon Myself Through Life

I heard the knight from leagues away, long before I could see him, armor plates and chain mail chattering, the hoof-thuds of a laden, trotting horse. I sighed. They would never learn. I bade my wife good-bye without telling her my reason for leaving. She didn’t like to think of such things. The air-push from […]

My breakfast with Alexa

The robot and I had a good conversation this morning. I forget the first exchange but just remember it was existential. So that got followed up with:   “Alexa, what is the meaning of life?” “It can be a number of things. But 42 is a good approximation.”   Okay, that was kind of clever. […]

November 10, 2018

This is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean Me: active duty, 1974-1978. Rank upon discharge: sergeant. There are times when it’s hard to consider myself a “real” Marine. I was in during a time that I’ve termed the Vietnam Hangover. […]

A Dog’s Keen Sense

Shisan is a dog. Just a dog. Smarter than all of us. We have been educated by scraps of schooling, by long-lost or dead parents, by surviving in an existence that bleeds our souls from us. But Shisan is the one who knows the most and is never wrong. Shisan has a distinct language. When […]

Chicken and Egg – the Answer

The question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, is presented as a lighthearted conundrum. If the egg came first, well, then, what laid the egg? If the chicken came first, hey, how about the egg from which the chicken had to emerge? But there really is an answer. I think. Well, first […]

Autumn, food, football, family

During football season, the Eldest comes over to watch our favored team play. We want them to win, of course, but we’ve been disappointed these last two seasons. That’s all right. They’ve won their share in the past, given us our share of atavistic triumph over the years, and it’s all fun. Unless it’s not, […]

Jalapeno poppers, my style

Well. I see it’s been way too long – like over a year and a half – since I offered a recipe story. It’s probably time, at least if some of you might be curious, and how would I know that, to offer another. I was interested in making jalapeno poppers in a practical way […]