The Power of Truth

With the witness now departed, the two lawyers and court reporter acknowledged their conversation to be the strangest one they had ever had in their professional lives. They were faced with a situation that had to be erased. Every professional instinct in them screamed to go no further. Despite that, the notes of the two […]

Island life. For a few days.

Since my last travel posting (from Hong Kong), I’ve had trips to Norway and South Korea. I didn’t write about them because, well, I’m not sure that the people who sent me want me to put it out here on my blog. When enough time has passed, I probably will, because they’ve all been memorialized, […]

The day of the NOT heart attack. NOT.

Here’s how having a heart attack messes up your mind. As chronicled in “The Day of the Heart Attack” nearly six years ago, back in May of 2011, I had awakened in the 3:00 a.m. hour of the morning, not feeling right, and it turned out I was having a heart attack, and a few […]

Why I Cook (and photograph)(and write)

My foundational reason for cooking is simple. Way back when, Grandma did the cooking in the house, I occasionally made hamburgers or chili. I didn’t like to grill all that much, even. Back then in our lives as relatively young(!) parents, we were both working full-time jobs, our kids were going to school and pretending […]

2-12-07 – Welcome!

I’m used to seeing new registrants trickle into the blog, and by “trickle,” I mean pretty close to a drought-level flow. I don’t advertise this blog. I don’t post on it regularly enough. Heck, sometimes I forget I have it. It’s not like I’m out there, beckoning in the madding crowd. That trickle of registrants, […]

Blueberry Compote (not “compost”)

Ingredients: Frozen blueberries Orange/pineapple/mango juice (or whatever juice you want) Cinnamon Nutmeg Lemon juice Lime juice Spiced rum Brown sugar This is such a silly little thing that I hesitate to include it, but it was easy, and it worked. That’s what we’re all looking for in cooking, right? “Easy, and it worked.” Grandma and […]

The Gathering – Without Me

I was in Hong Kong last week, doing the day job thing. Bad timing, because while I was there, the Annual Scotch Tasting Party gathered. This is the same event chronicled a while back in my blog entry, “A 21st Of Scotch,” which is alarming to me when I realize how long I’ve had this […]

Postcard from Hong Kong

The Hong Kong morning started out with a reasonably priced (by American terms) buffet at the hotel, followed by a walk to the job’s address for tomorrow. I’d read that it was 10 minutes by cab, 25 minutes walking, so I wanted to see how viable walking was. It’s plenty viable – if you don’t […]

Why I write

(and wish I could do it full-time) It flows for me. Besides this blog, which I’ve been shamefully neglectful of, at the hobbyist-style stage of novel writing, I’m pumping out the tales and not worried about deadlines. I rarely have “writer’s block.” Sometimes I don’t know where a story’s going when I start it, but […]

The Day’s Passing

The time has come. The decision was finally resolved the night before. Much sorrow, many tears. The day dawned sad. We helped the old girl down the stairs to go outside, gave her a treat when she came in, then took her back up to give her a bath to make her pretty and shiny […]