Why I write

(and wish I could do it full-time) It flows for me. Besides this blog, which I’ve been shamefully neglectful of, at the hobbyist-style stage of novel writing, I’m pumping out the tales and not worried about deadlines. I rarely have “writer’s block.” Sometimes I don’t know where a story’s going when I start it, but […]

The Day’s Passing

The time has come. The decision was finally resolved the night before. Much sorrow, many tears. The day dawned sad. We helped the old girl down the stairs to go outside, gave her a treat when she came in, then took her back up to give her a bath to make her pretty and shiny […]

The Latest (10/25/16) News on the Healthcare Front

When it comes to healthcare in the United States, the free market fails us because pricing goes out of control and competition among providers is artificially reduced. Regulation fails us because it doesn’t address the real problems, and any real proposed solutions are thwarted by lobbyists and partisan squabbling. Our healthcare was a failure before […]

The New Title – “Tomas”

It’s out and available. Yeah, I got your book right here. The novel: Following a short prelude, Tomas begins with the story of Archie Gwynn, a dogged and earnest private investigator, hired to dig into the enigma that is Tomas, a man whose subculture reputation is that of a miracle healer. Powerful healthcare and corporate […]

Life and Death

A little bit of a political post, because it’s being decided in the political realm. It’s more of a philosophical pondering (hence its placement in Ponder-able). If you don’t live in Colorado, politically it doesn’t matter to you. On the other hand, if you live in Oregon, you’ve had it around for almost two decades […]

The Kindly Visitor

Ellina was a patient woman, with a serenity built up within her through a lifetime of over nine decades. She had earned her feeling of peace, having lived through the births, deaths, wars, all the political and selfish foolishness of the world in her time. But today her patience ran thin. She felt expectant, anxious, […]

Purple Hearts and a Little Politics

Just this last weekend, I was talking to a gentleman. I won’t say who or where he was, because I don’t know if he’d approve of tossing his name or establishment into this posting. He was talking about his past life and mentioned that he was in Vietnam. I asked, “What branch?” He said, “I […]

The Current Adventure

The Current Adventure

Nigeria – The Trip Begins The day starts out with a typical, not really stressed, but what if something goes wrong, trip to the airport and then hitting the longest security line I’ve ever seen in Denver. But it’s boring to talk about waiting in line. I was early, and everything went fine. I was […]

Showering, the Gift

I was with some of my writers group. Well, it’s not “my” writers group, but they’ve accepted me, so I can claim them. It’s a very cool writers group. I was in another writers group in the ’90s, and not to say too much negative about that one, but it was the kind of group […]

The Clash of Art and Mark(et)

The Clash of Art and Mark(et)

You probably don’t know this, because why would you? But I’m trying to get a book sold to an agent. Besides the two novellas and collection of short stories listed on the home page here, I’ve written two novels and am 90-plus percent done with a third. One novel is a Serious Novel. It has […]