If there's one thing that a brush with death should tell me...

Kids, one thing that a brush with death should tell me is that life is eminently worth living. The good, the bad - like a marriage, it's a package deal, and you're better off if you make it work right.

My high school football coach was great (I wasn't), but he said one thing that stuck out more than anything else: "The most important thing in your life is to be happy."

So simple, so true. Do what you can to get through life being happy, for you and yours.

Walked Away From My Big Two-Wheeler

Walked Away From My Big Two-Wheeler

I used to subscribe to Cycle magazine, back in my twenties to forties, and motorcycling was a notable part of my life. This was an editorial written by the late Phil Schilling, then-editor of the magazine. I still have it. I kept it because when I read it 30-plus years ago, it was jarringly and […]

My breakfast with Alexa

The robot and I had a good conversation this morning. I forget the first exchange but just remember it was existential. So that got followed up with:   “Alexa, what is the meaning of life?” “It can be a number of things. But 42 is a good approximation.”   Okay, that was kind of clever. […]

November 10, 2018

This is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean Me: active duty, 1974-1978. Rank upon discharge: sergeant. There are times when it’s hard to consider myself a “real” Marine. I was in during a time that I’ve termed the Vietnam Hangover. […]

Autumn, food, football, family

During football season, the Eldest comes over to watch our favored team play. We want them to win, of course, but we’ve been disappointed these last two seasons. That’s all right. They’ve won their share in the past, given us our share of atavistic triumph over the years, and it’s all fun. Unless it’s not, […]

The Gathering – Without Me

I was in Hong Kong last week, doing the day job thing. Bad timing, because while I was there, the Annual Scotch Tasting Party gathered. This is the same event chronicled a while back in my blog entry, “A 21st Of Scotch,” which is alarming to me when I realize how long I’ve had this […]

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

As I write this, it is Friday the 13th. Unluckiest day of the week (really? why not Monday?) and unluckiest number.  Just rife with dreadful possibilities. Now, I try to be rational in my life. I’ve never been impressed with that particular superstition or much of any others, except the ones that I create, like […]

Gimme Buffet

I love a dinner buffet. I mean, who wouldn’t? With unerring efficiency, you pick up the amount of food you will eat, as well as the varieties you want. No suspense in waiting to see your size portion or getting a weird mini-corn cob or something else on your plate that looks suspicious, unless you […]

The Natural (and a couple unnatural) Wonders of Yellowstone

The Natural (and a couple unnatural) Wonders of Yellowstone

I live in the good ol’ USofA, and I like it here. I’ve been to other places around the world, and I like those other places too, mostly. But it’s here that I call home, so it’s here that my frame of reference stays. Grandma and I went to Yellowstone once. There are a few […]

Travel Notes

I like to travel and take pictures and see new places, and sometimes I get a wild impulse to not just see the sights, as it were, but to enjoy an area as a local would, going to somewhere to hang out and not as a major attraction. With that in mind, I stepped out […]

Dump Too

I take a somewhat perverse pleasure in going to the landfill. I don’t go often, but when I do, I look forward to it. One reason, I suppose, is it represents a bit of a purge to house clutter. You look at my desk, and I’m one of the more cluttery people on the planet. […]