If there's one thing that a brush with death should tell me...

Kids, one thing that a brush with death should tell me is that life is eminently worth living. The good, the bad - like a marriage, it's a package deal, and you're better off if you make it work right.

My high school football coach was great (I wasn't), but he said one thing that stuck out more than anything else: "The most important thing in your life is to be happy."

So simple, so true. Do what you can to get through life being happy, for you and yours.

Deluge – The Aftermath

We live in Colorado, which at this time, late September 2013, has seen more than its share of rain. In fact, unprecedented amounts. A few people have been killed, hundreds still unaccounted for, thousands with lost or damaged homes. Given vicious and widespread wildfires of the past several years, and now this torrent, the term […]

Hey, tell us a disgusting story

Food. I pride myself (although in this case, “pride” really shouldn’t be the correct verb; more like, “fixate childishly”) on being able to eat just about anything, at least once. I’m just not squeamish about most things. We’re just all made different, and enjoying a broad range of stuff to eat that might make a […]

A 21st of Scotch

A couple decades and change ago, my great friend Johann (the same Johann mentioned in Wild Pigs), suggested that we get together for a night of single-malt scotch tasting. The pool of victims that he picked were some of the members of the recreational soccer team that we both played on. Now, when I say […]

The Banana Bread Battle

It was holiday season, time to make the banana bread, and the bananas were on sale, so I stocked up. I was walking through the store with about 45 bananas in the cart, walked past a lady giving out samples of some pastry, said no thanks. She looks and says, “I have to ask. Do […]

The Computer Bag Fiasco

The Computer Bag Fiasco

Woke up, feeling not so great, but had to drive a ways for the work that day. Getting everything ready, but nothing’s going right. I originally wanted to give myself 45 minutes excess time. Things kept happening, and lead time kept getting shaved. Finally ready. 15 minutes excess time. Great. Sling the computer bag over […]


Another morning, taken another time. Words are not adequate for what was in the sky a few mornings ago.  I  was on the road at 6:30 a.m. The sky was a bonfire of orange. The sun, not yet risen, cast its glorious radiance through the scattered and ragged overcast clouds, filling the sky, from the east and […]

Tale of a Warrior

He was a cat for people who aren’t cat people. Not too affectionate, not too standoff-ish. Not a lap cat, but a friendly one, at least with humans and dogs. The Daughter brought the kitten home when she was 16 and gave him what turned out to be the misnomer “Runt.” They were great together. […]


We have a small rental house, and we’re wrapping up an Issue that involves ripping out carpet and pad and taking out a bunch of crap that the renter just left behind and fixing stuff that was left in…. not good shape. It’s been consuming, and it’s going to be expensive. I’m in Grandma’s big […]

Coffee or not coffee

I have a favorite coffeeshop on my way out of town. It’s a chain, but the people are usually nice, and I have a choice of light, medium, or dark roast. Honestly, for what I want in coffee, a stop at a gas station would be fine. I don’t mind gas station coffee at all. […]