It's all merely entertainment value... unless you believe my friend Dean.

None of the following is a true story, not even Open House, although my friend Dean is convinced that I wrote it based on an experience. It's all merely entertainment value, even if the entertainment makes you uncomfortable. Any resemblance to any person... well, you know the rest. What the lawyers say.

The Right Thing

I rolled down the interstate in my Acura, heading out of the city under a searing, oppressive sun, the highway traffic as crowded as my thoughts. I was driving to a deposition, usually an event of some fancied import, even if the only net effects are to harass my overburdened opponent and annoy the witness. […]

The Power of Truth

With the witness now departed, the two lawyers and court reporter acknowledged their conversation to be the strangest one they had ever had in their professional lives. They were faced with a situation that had to be erased. Every professional instinct in them screamed to go no further. Despite that, the notes of the two […]

The Kindly Visitor

Ellina was a patient woman, with a serenity built up within her through a lifetime of over nine decades. She had earned her feeling of peace, having lived through the births, deaths, wars, all the political and selfish foolishness of the world in her time. But today her patience ran thin. She felt expectant, anxious, […]

Come to Life (a fiction piece)

I’m a writer. I make the stories inside my head come to life. Not to say I’m a great or successful writer. Oh, I’d like to think so. Maybe someday. My girlfriends like my writing, but of course they would. They’re my girlfriends. And a number of people like my stories, enough to keep me […]

Happy Hunting

Theron rose with two hours of night left. He always woke this early in the woods. Camping was his favorite part of hunting. Despite sleeping on the ground, he always was more refreshed in the waking hours after a night in the fresh air, surrounded by the wind sounds outside the tent, the dim swoosh […]

Meeting of the Minds

She drove through the dark country road carefully, under the speed limit. She’d been on this road many times, and the blind curves, the stretches with shoulderless edges, the deer that sometimes wandered out, the limits of her headlights, made her cautious. She wheeled around a curve, which she knew from long familiarity was followed […]

Story of the Fall

Great roaring, the world spinning. A bad dream, maybe from a fever, nothing making sense, just noise and chaos and overwhelming fear. But it wasn’t a dream. There was a sky, bright and blue, flashing by, short intense bursts of direct sun stinging his eyes, the earth brown and green, in and out of his […]

Touch Me Heal Me (the new book)(retitled)

Well…. as happens with writing, this one is in constant evolution and, because I’m the unintelligent designer of this organism, maybe now even de-evolution. I got unhappy, so I’m giving it some space and coming back to it. — Grandpa

Wolves at the Open House

I stepped off the elevator and into the client offices for their open house. I walked to the conference room, set up with snacks, and got my little name badge sticker along with a smile and a welcome. I wasn’t sure that I should be there. I’ve never been an adept socializer. But the client […]

Second Thoughts

I had everything one could want. A long, stable marriage. Grown, independent kids and grandchildren. A comfortable house and bank balance that had been nicely supplied by the company I owned. Everything one could want. With some qualifications. My marriage had devolved to an exercise in inertia. I honestly couldn’t say it was loveless, but […]