It's all merely entertainment value... unless you believe my friend Dean.

None of the following is a true story, not even Open House, although my friend Dean is convinced that I wrote it based on an experience. It's all merely entertainment value, even if the entertainment makes you uncomfortable. Any resemblance to any person... well, you know the rest. What the lawyers say.

Touch Me Heal Me (the new book)(retitled)

Well…. as happens with writing, this one is in constant evolution and, because I’m the unintelligent designer of this organism, maybe now even de-evolution. I got unhappy, so I’m giving it some space and coming back to it. — Grandpa

Wolves at the Open House

I stepped off the elevator and into the client offices for their open house. I walked to the conference room, set up with snacks, and got my little name badge sticker along with a smile and a welcome. I wasn’t sure that I should be there. I’ve never been an adept socializer. But the client […]

Second Thoughts

I had everything one could want. A long, stable marriage. Grown, independent kids and grandchildren. A comfortable house and bank balance that had been nicely supplied by the company I owned. Everything one could want. With some qualifications. My marriage had devolved to an exercise in inertia. I honestly couldn’t say it was loveless, but […]

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln sat, pensive, at his desk.  The setting sun cast an orange tint over the handsome trappings of his writing room. It would soon be time to light the lamps.  Out in the hall, aides talked, the murmurings from their exchanges drifting through the door. Although Lincoln was a gifted writer, he nevertheless found […]