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Island life. For a few days.

Since my last travel posting (from Hong Kong), I’ve had trips to Norway and South Korea. I didn’t write about them because, well, I’m not sure that the people who sent me want me to put it out here on my blog. When enough time has passed, I probably will, because they’ve all been memorialized, […]

The day of the NOT heart attack. NOT.

Here’s how having a heart attack messes up your mind. As chronicled in “The Day of the Heart Attack” nearly six years ago, back in May of 2011, I had awakened in the 3:00 a.m. hour of the morning, not feeling right, and it turned out I was having a heart attack, and a few […]

Postcard from Hong Kong

The Hong Kong morning started out with a reasonably priced (by American terms) buffet at the hotel, followed by a walk to the job’s address for tomorrow. I’d read that it was 10 minutes by cab, 25 minutes walking, so I wanted to see how viable walking was. It’s plenty viable – if you don’t […]

The New Title – “Tomas”

It’s out and available. Yeah, I got your book right here. The novel: Following a short prelude, Tomas begins with the story of Archie Gwynn, a dogged and earnest private investigator, hired to dig into the enigma that is Tomas, a man whose subculture reputation is that of a miracle healer. Powerful healthcare and corporate […]

The Current Adventure

The Current Adventure

Nigeria – The Trip Begins The day starts out with a typical, not really stressed, but what if something goes wrong, trip to the airport and then hitting the longest security line I’ve ever seen in Denver. But it’s boring to talk about waiting in line. I was early, and everything went fine. I was […]

Tale of a minor, situational Superman (as if)

This story is going to sound a bit like bragging. A couple times. You’ve been warned. It was probably back in the early ’90s, maybe. I was going to a small convention in a town (Crested Butte, if I remember right) deep in the Colorado Rockies. I’d like to say “small” town, but when you’re […]

Gone Commercial – Three New Titles

I have offerings on Amazon now. All fiction. A novella, “Out of Time.” It’s a archaeological mystery with hints of other things going on. Another novella, “Chance Encounter.” It’s a story of suspense, with a handcuffed young woman and man walking trudging down a lonely country road, meeting each other on a dark rainy […]

Going Commercial

Okay, kids, I’m about to release some actual releases to the world. If you like to read a book on writing, read (intuitively enough) On Writing by Stephen King. Whether you like Mr. King’s work or not, and I do (in fact, you will find me on his online forum), t anhis is a great […]

The Curt Series, Chapter 7

The Worst Day   I was going to college in a town that was also where my maternal grandmother lived. I was her only grandchild, and she rather doted on me. For instance, while I was going to school, she insisted on doing my laundry, and she wanted to feed me now and then. And […]

The Curt Series, Chapter 6

One Leg To Stand On   My little motorcycle was good for busting around town and in the country, but it was underpowered to get back and forth to the home town on a regular basis. That opportunity was supplied by Greyhound. The weekends fell into a certain rhythm. Get on bus Friday afternoon, go […]