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The Curt Series, Chapter 5

My Best Day   The blonde and I hadn’t been dating too long when I asked her to my senior prom. We went to different schools. She was a sophomore, and as it turned out, this apparently was a Big Deal, a sophomore going to a senior prom. She got excited about it all out […]

The Curt Series, Chapter 4

Ride On   I started motorcycling when I was 16. I was working for a department store at the time, which was also the local Honda and BSA (defunct motorcycle company) dealership. You can’t work part-time and on weekends at minimum wage and make enough to buy a car. The motorcycles started to look inviting. […]

The Curt Series, Chapter 3

Summer of ’69 – no, ‘70 Curt and I were obviously close. I don’t think we actually considered each other best friends, although in hindsight, the reality might say otherwise. We went to different schools, different churches, our parents’ lives didn’t cross, and neither did our social circles at the time. About the only things […]

The Curt Series, Chapter 2

Jumps and Rungs   Curt and I got the idea at one point to see how high we could jump off things without getting hurt. I’m not sure at all how that idea fits into any hierarchy of needs or the drive to eventually propagate. His house had a big porch. Two big tiers of […]

The Curt Series

Chapter 1  The Cistern I grew up with a childhood friend, going back to third grade, called Curt. He had a younger sister, Laura, who was usually part of the grade school capers. There were lots of things I could talk about from those times, and I’ll pare them down in the following weeks, but […]

Taking the Plunge

This was early in Grandma’s and my married career, in the carefree days of us working, renting, having no real responsibilities, playing, and sometimes starving. We took a camping trip to a place in Indiana. It wasn’t Turkey Run. It was someplace close to that. Indian Hills, I think, or something like that. Or maybe […]

My Experience With Venereal Disease

This goes back to college days. I had answered a radio ad that said volunteer phone workers were needed to staff the “VD Checkline.” Now, for you youngsters, “VD” is the archaic term for “STD,” and I don’t mean an abbreviation for “standard.” VD stood for “venereal disease,” which was a class of diseases that […]

The Howling

I like to think of myself as a reasonable, rational, analytic guy, except for those times when I’m not, which generally have to do with food consumption and sometimes alcohol, or maybe starting projects without a clear plan to finish them. But anyway, yes, reasonable, rational, analytic. Long ago, my own Granny died. She was […]

Wild Pigs

Wild Pigs

Marfield started this whole thing. In the course of having a conversation with his lovely wife (all the current wives of all my current friends are lovely), he alluded to his inevitable upcoming midlife crisis. Being a practical, forward-thinking woman, she said she’d allow him one weekend for it. So Marfield, who has a motorcycle […]

Jackass Jamboree

This was the second trip that Marfield planned. At least, that he included me on. He wanted a guys’ weekend in the mountains. We would head up there midday. The morning of the trip dawned clear and warm, a good sign. I was going to take my own car up as part of the American […]