You like vignettes?

Boy, do I got vignettes. Some kinda raw, some half-baked, some well-done...

American Verdict

The verdict was no surprise. In fact, it was completely predictable. I, as the prosecutor, had done my part. Before the trial, at the preliminary hearing, I had introduced evidence to establish probable cause. It wasn’t necessary to prove guilt at the preliminary hearing. Just evidence to show that the case should go to trial. […]

Chicken and Egg – the Answer

The question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, is presented as a lighthearted conundrum. If the egg came first, well, then, what laid the egg? If the chicken came first, hey, how about the egg from which the chicken had to emerge? But there really is an answer. I think. Well, first […]

The Write Purpose

I get asked by arguably too-kind people from time to time, “Why aren’t you with some publisher to get your books more widely distributed? Your stories are as good as some of the stuff that I pick up off the shelves.” (I love to hear that, by the way, so don’t hesitate to say so […]

Class Act

I have become convinced that if it appears that you have money, the world wants to make you an alcoholic. First off, understand that I don’t have money. Well, okay, I have resources to a level that 99% of the people who have ever lived on this rock would envy, and that means I am […]

Why I Cook (and photograph)(and write)

My foundational reason for cooking is simple. Way back when, Grandma did the cooking in the house, I occasionally made hamburgers or chili. I didn’t like to grill all that much, even. Back then in our lives as relatively young(!) parents, we were both working full-time jobs, our kids were going to school and pretending […]

2-12-07 – Welcome!

I’m used to seeing new registrants trickle into the blog, and by “trickle,” I mean pretty close to a drought-level flow. I don’t advertise this blog. I don’t post on it regularly enough. Heck, sometimes I forget I have it. It’s not like I’m out there, beckoning in the madding crowd. That trickle of registrants, […]

Why I write

(and wish I could do it full-time) It flows for me. Besides this blog, which I’ve been shamefully neglectful of, at the hobbyist-style stage of novel writing, I’m pumping out the tales and not worried about deadlines. I rarely have “writer’s block.” Sometimes I don’t know where a story’s going when I start it, but […]

The Day’s Passing

The time has come. The decision was finally resolved the night before. Much sorrow, many tears. The day dawned sad. We helped the old girl down the stairs to go outside, gave her a treat when she came in, then took her back up to give her a bath to make her pretty and shiny […]

The Latest (10/25/16) News on the Healthcare Front

When it comes to healthcare in the United States, the free market fails us because pricing goes out of control and competition among providers is artificially reduced. Regulation fails us because it doesn’t address the real problems, and any real proposed solutions are thwarted by lobbyists and partisan squabbling. Our healthcare was a failure before […]

Life and Death

A little bit of a political post, because it’s being decided in the political realm. It’s more of a philosophical pondering (hence its placement in Ponder-able). If you don’t live in Colorado, politically it doesn’t matter to you. On the other hand, if you live in Oregon, you’ve had it around for almost two decades […]