You like vignettes?

Boy, do I got vignettes. Some kinda raw, some half-baked, some well-done...

Keith Emerson

I don’t know if some notable deaths are affecting me because I’m old and weak now, or if some people who have been really important to me have gone away in a group. No celebrity death really affected me, and by that I mean personally and profoundly, until August of 2014. Robin Williams. He had […]

Harper Lee, RIP

Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, has died. Obviously, I like to write, whether it’s material for trade journals, short stories, novellas, books, or even a blog, But so much of it comes from an outgrowth of a book I began to write in the late ’90s. It’s finally finished, and it’s my […]

The Role of Government

I’m being told for a given issue, “That’s not the role of government.” I don’t get that. Here in the U.S., as a democratic republic, the role of government is what the people deem it to be. Whether it’s predatory capitalism or stifling socialism, or somewhere in between (which thankfully is the case at present)e, […]

Apologies to all who visit

Apparently, this site was the subject of some hacking and malware infestation.  The malware was directed to my administration of it, but it set off alarms when people came to access it. Yes, this site which is free and does nothing more than host the ramblings of some old guy in Colorado, USA. Not writing […]

Grandpa’s Guide To Sensible Men’s Fashion

Not meant to be an eternal guide. Items will be added and/or dropped as times change and whim occurs. If you struggle to button the top button of your shirt, go up a size (and start eating/drinking less). If your pants pockets splay out, go up a size (and start eating/drinking less). Learn to tie […]

This Is The Guy We’re Looking For

When you get to one point in this, just accept that I’m a sentimental old fool. I was working in my office, and Grandma calls up from downstairs, “Come here, quick!” Figuring along the lines that she’d dropped a piece of family china (hey, it’s just stuff), or maybe had spilled her drink, and just […]

Leading theory

Generally, people like to be told what to do. Or at least be provided a framework within which they act. Call them followers, or call them ordinary citizens. They are us, pretty much. Then you have people who fancy themselves leaders. They like to tell others what to do. That’s how they know they’re leaders. […]

Song of the Supremes

I see on Facebook and various other social media a big uproar about the Supreme Court decision over the issue of the month. Whatever it is doesn’t matter for this essay. It’s the issue that Is right now. Now with that decision behind us, on one side of society, we see unmitigated glee and rejoicing; […]

Facebook politics

Okay, maybe it’s just the advanced age talking (geezerspeak), but I’m not understanding friends of each other on Facebook posting overtly political stuff without invitation to do so or even a hint that such a thing might be welcome or agreeable. Now trust me, I respect your right to say what you want to say, […]

A little soliloquy on the state of medicine

I’m sorry in advance, kids. This one may sound a bit political.   In my hometown paper, an editorial was posted by a doctor who essentially complained that insurance companies were making medical decisions for the doctors, and this is illustrative of what’s wrong with our healthcare system. He wanted a second test run for […]