The Speed Contest Take That Never Happened

This is not family talk here, folks. This is for my peer group – actually, above my level – of court reporters, and if they are reading this, they probably already know why they’re here. Two-minute warmup. (360 words for 180/minute for two minutes). This is an original composition.   How about an unexpected topic? […]

December 2012, the writing holiday

A note on writing. I completely enjoy writing, and over time, different people have expressed that they’ve enjoyed reading what I write. In this brave new world of the twenty-teens, that results in a blog. This past month has been a tough one culturally. Interspersed in the holiday season have been reports of unbearable tragedy. […]

The Bungy Jump

Grandma and I were in New Zealand for our 30th anniversary. We were there with our dear friends, Johann and Delores. They were on their honeymoon. Johann and I, being math-conscious, had joked that we were celebrating a median 15-year anniversary.   We had stayed the night in Queenstown. We saw an ad for bungy-jumping […]