Going Commercial

Okay, kids, I’m about to release some actual releases to the world.

If you like to read a book on writing, read (intuitively enough) On Writing by Stephen King. Whether you like Mr. King’s work or not, and I do (in fact, you will find me on his online forum), t anhis is a great book about writing.

In that book, if I remember right, and there’s no guarantee of that because it’s been a while since I cracked it and my memory at this age is notoriously poor, he talks about a story taking on its own life. And he’s right. And that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

Different writers have different approaches. When I start a story, I know the general direction and, notably, how it’s going to end. Usually. If the story involves a twist, I generally know what the twist will be. But I sometimes don’t know how it’s going to start, and I never know how it’s going to develop. The story starts, and it’s as absorbing to this writer to find out what’s going to happen as it is the reader. If you’re a reader who’s inexplicably interested in my writing.

Anyway, I’m going to unleash some of my writing on the world. Well, the e-corner of the world. The e-corner of the world who might be paying attention. Both of you. I’ll post here when it’s happening and when the release date comes. Anyway, it’s two novellas (Chance Encounter and Out of Time). And a collection of short stories (Up and Down). If either of you have been following this blog, then you’ve already read the collection of short stories, because that’s how I roll.


Beneath this calm façade, I am pretty darn excited. Not for the anticipated reward. There is no anticipated reward. Just for the opportunity to get it out to the world and see how it lands, if at all.

— Grandpa

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