The New Title – “Tomas”

It’s out and available. Yeah, I got your book right here.

The novel: Following a short prelude, Tomas begins with the story of Archie Gwynn, a dogged and earnest private investigator, hired to dig into the enigma that is Tomas, a man whose subculture reputation is that of a miracle healer.

Powerful healthcare and corporate interests intersect to uncover Tomas. A brief but compelling legal battle ensues between a hard-working, smart lawyer and his crafty, savvy opponent. Corporate intrigue that follows reveals ruthless motives and actions. An astonishing scientific finding is revealed. The mettle and conscience of otherwise well-grounded characters are tested as they confront conflicts that challenge their motivations and ethics.

Through it all, Tomas seems to persevere with calmness and serenity, aided by a woman shrouded in the same level of mystery – until events take a surprising and shocking turn at the climax.

This is my first full-length novel for publication. Now, I have a couple more in the wings, already written, and another one in early development. But this is the one for which the majority of readers will be compelled to keep turning the pages.

You’ll like it.


— Grandpa

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