Leftover-Chicken Burrito

For this, you will need:

  • Leftover chicken.
  • Fresh burrito vegetables – chili peppers, bell peppers, onion.
  • Canned refritos. I like zesty or jalapeno flavors.
  • Cheese.
  • Tortillas or wraps.
  • Optional: Black olives, canned diced chilis

Grandma had cooked some mighty fine chicken breasts before I got home. I’m not sure what all she did, but she said she used balsamic vinegar and fruit juice and seared them in the skillet. Them came off just right, looking dark from the vinegar, and very tender and tasty.

We cooked some broccoli, baked some sweet potato fries, and ate those and about half of the chicken. The other half we stuck in the fridge.

So the next night, I’m waiting for Grandma to come home. What to do about the leftover chicken?

I heated up some olive oil in the big skillet. Than started slicing up the old favorites, some yellow and red bell pepper that was left over. Some of the portions of those were a bit squishy and kinda squicked me out, so I cut them off into the disposer, but the rest were getting cooked through, so what the hey. Into the skillet.  Another pasilla (poblano) pepper was about as smooth as a prune, so I sliced and diced the best parts out of that and threw it in. Surprisingly, the Anaheim was in good shape. Into the skillet it went. Several slices of onion, all cubed up.

Y’know, I had limes. If I’d thought about it, I would’ve squeezed some lime juice into this. But I didn’t. But you can.

I opened up a can of refritos which promised to be “zesty with salsa,” tossed it into a small-ish Corningware dish, COVERED, and threw it in the microwave. Now, REMEMBER to KEEP IT COVERED. Even just with a paper towel. Because it’s going to start popping and yakking out in the microwave, and Grandma gets upset when it looks like Bean Apocalyse in there when I’m done.

Now, I also put a little hot sauce into the refritos to mix in. Or you could use salsa. Or you can just let them be. But I like to charge up the refritos a bit.

So the refritos are heating, the veggies are browning in the skillet, and I started throwing in my favorite Latin or Latin-ish spices into the skillet. In my case, that’s garlic, lemon pepper, cumin, chili powder, crushed red pepper, and a Cajun spice blend, which I know isn’t Latin, but I like it, so stop harassing me.  Now, kids, these don’t have to be expensive. I go to my local grocer, a Kroger affiliate, and I get these spice jars for a dollar a hit. Even applied generously, it takes a while to get through a dollar of spice. Cooking doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

So as all that was cooking up, and as it cooked down I added some black olives and canned green chilis and in the meantime started cubing up the leftover chicken. Now, it’s already cooked, so the idea is to keep it moist and tender, so you do want to keep a bit of water in the skillet there.

If you don’t have the cheese grated yet, now is a good time to start.

It all cooked down just as Grandma got home, she came in and said it smelled delicious, which made me smile, and I took the refritos out, threw the wraps in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm and soften them up, then took them out.

Next, the warm wraps on the plate. The chicken/veggie mix gets put down. Next, the cheese, because I like the cheese to get a chance to melt. Then the refritos.

Grandma likes sour cream on hers. I like to put down a strip of salsa.

Then fold one long end over, then the next long end, then roll one side over, and then finish it by rolling the last side.

Goes great with milk, beer, or a robust red. Really, just about anything. We had milk because we’re old and boring.


— Grandpa

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