Surprisingly Good Stir-Fry

For this, I used:

Olive oil
Soy sauce
Minced garlic
Cajun spice
One wrap
Bell pepper
White onion
Leftover fajita chicken pieces, spiced and already cooked
One slice of pineapple with syrup
Fresh mushrooms
Fresh spinach
Something else that escapes me at the moment

Grandma had made her delicious black bean soup, and we were planning on having leftover soup last night, but our gastric systems were suffering enough embarrassment that they asked for a bean soup vacation for a day.

So Grandma said, “What are we having tonight?” I looked in the fridge, saw some leftover chicken from the fajitas I’d made last time the Kids were over, and said, “Chicken wraps.” Didn’t work out that way, though. Not quite.

Started heating olive oil in the big skillet, heat on pretty high because we were hungry, and pondered how this was going to get flavored. I decided on a little tropical/Eastern type thing, reached for the teriyaki sauce, couldn’t find it anywhere, and threw in some soy sauce before the oil was too hot and the sauce would sizzle and splatter.

Carved up red and yellow bell pepper, which is all we had left, and threw them in. Diced up some white onion we had left, and threw it in.  I sprinkled the veggies (bell pepper, like tomato, is technically a fruit, yes, I know. Stop harassing me) with minced garlic and Cajun spice.

Sorry I can’t be more specific than “Cajun spice.” At the local Kroger branch, they have one ledge of a rack that has $1 spices. I saw “Cajun spice” there once. What the heck, only a buck, and it turned out to be a pretty good blend, and I’ve bought it ever since. But anyway.

About then, Grandma said, “Aren’t we out of wraps?” I said, “No, here they are,” reached in the fridge, and pulled out the package of….. one remaining wrap.

Obviously, we need to get to the store soon.

“Stir fry,” I said. “We’re having stir fry.”

I grabbed the cut-up chicken, dumped it in the skillet, and added some water to keep the stuff moist enough. I pondered what else to put in, rooted through the fridge, and found a still-unused package of fresh mushrooms. And a half bag of fresh spinach.  Well, at least we were stocked up on something.

A few mushrooms got cut up and thrown in. I put the spinach to the side. I added some more minced garlic and Cajun spice, since I had more stuff in there now.

But something was missing. Olive oil and soy just wasn’t cutting it for me…. ah. In the fridge was a container of pineapple, with just one slice left in some syrup. Cool. The slice got chunked up and thrown in, along with the syrup. Stir, stir, sizzle, sizzle.

I was going to try to line the wraps with spinach, and then remembered that “wraps” was actually “wrap.” I decided to add “new memory” to the grocery list (but I ultimately forgot about it). I pondered whether the spinach would taste better fresh or cooked.

The stuff in the pan was looking nice, getting cooked, but there was too much fluid. I grabbed a spatula, herded it all together, covered it with the fresh spinach, and then covered it with a pan lid that was smaller than the skillet so fluid could still cook off from the outside of the pan lid, but the lid would keep the heat and steam in with the food.

I cheated and tossed the wrap in the microwave for 30 seconds to get it warmed and softened up. Then I ripped it into quarters, grabbed pasta bowls, and laid two pieces each, point to point, overlapping, in each bowl.

Back to the stir-fry. Stirred the now-cooked spinach in. I then sporked out the stir-fry contents into each bowl, over the wrap quarters. I sprinkled grated cheese over the top (must remember to add “grated cheese” to the ingredients at the top of this article).

Got a nice pinot grigio, just a bit of a tang to it, and served it up with the food. I wasn’t too sure how it had come out, although stir-fry is easy enough. Grandma took one experimental bite.

“Delicious!” she said, and meant it. She was delighted. It was nice turnaround from my previous attempt at cooking eggplant, which comes out okay, but just okay.  It doesn’t rock, so you’re not going to read about it here. Except for references like this.  But, “Delicious”?  I made a mental note to add this one to the blog.

Some things, I do remember.

— Grandpa

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